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Big political crisis: 40 MLAs of Shivsena with Eknath Shinde, new government with BJP! Uddhav Thackeray's throne gone?

New Delhi: Maharashtra's politics have changed in the last 24 hours in ways that no one could have predicted. Eknath Shinde, who was se...

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New Delhi: Maharashtra's politics have changed in the last 24 hours in ways that no one could have predicted. Eknath Shinde, who was set to become Maharashtra's Chief Minister until Uddhav Thackeray took over, has now requested an appointment with the Governor, along with more than two-thirds of Shiv Sena MLAs. Yes, Eknath Shinde has claimed that 40 of Shiv Sena's 55 MLAs support him. Aside from that, he enjoys the backing of at least seven independent MLAs. He will now visit with the Governor and demand that his faction's MLAs be recognised as a separate group, allowing him to form a government with the BJP. 

Camp with 41 MLAs in Guwahati

Eknath Shinde and his supporters stayed in Surat for 24 hours. Initially, there were reports of 11-12 MLAs joining him, including 11 Shiv Sena MLAs and one independent MLA. However, at least 7-8 independent MLAs have joined him in the previous 24 hours, while 34 MLAs have joined Shiv Sena. Eknath Shinde has now stated that he has only 40 Shiv Sena MLAs on his side. That is, this amount represents more than two-thirds of the Shiv Sena's total of 55 MLAs. They are no longer subject to the anti-defection law. His faction will be given distinct status, and he will be able to create a government with anyone he chooses. Simultaneously, the BJP has 106 MLAs in Maharashtra. In such a situation, this figure is much more than the majority.

Here is the latest figure:

The administration led by Uddhav Thackeray secured the support of 168 MLAs. This included 55 Shiv Sena MLAs, 53 NCP MLAs, and 44 Congress MLAs. Aside from that, the government enjoyed the support of two SP MLAs, two PGP MLAs, three BVA MLAs, and nine independent MLAs. At the same time, the BJP, Maharashtra's primary opposition party, enjoys the support of 113 MLAs. This contains 106 BJP members, 1 RSP member, 1 JSS member, and 5 independents. Other parties have 5 MLAs at the same time. This contains two AIMIM MLAs, one CPI (M) MLA, and one MNS MLA. Now the entire equation has changed.

Uddhav Thackeray calls a cabinet meeting and announces his resignation!

Meanwhile, Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, has called a cabinet meeting. In the cabinet meeting, he can suggest resigning. He will then meet with the Governor. According to sources, he will also recommend that the assembly be dissolved. But this does not appear to be the case. Eknath Shinde now has so many MLAs that he can't even stop Law Shinde. In such a situation, Uddhav Thackeray's government appears to be merely a passing through.

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