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"Broken My Heart": Former Punjab Congress Chief Sunil Jakhar Says 'Goodbye' To Party

Sunil Jakhar, a senior Congress leader and former Punjab unit chief, quit the party today. Jakhar went live on Facebook a week after the par...

Sunil Jakhar, a senior Congress leader and former Punjab unit chief, quit the party today. Jakhar went live on Facebook a week after the party leader issued a show-cause notice for criticising former chief minister Charanjit Singh Channi, wishing the party "good luck" and saying "farewell." At the same time, he had erased the identify of the Congress leader from his Twitter account's bio before going live. While reacting to the matter of receiving the letter, he targeted Punjab Congress leaders, including political advisor Prashant Kishor.

Sonia Gandhi, the temporary president of the Congress, and Rahul Gandhi were also gave advice. During the live stream, he showered praise on Rahul. Simultaneously, he was instructed to take command of the party himself while remaining suspicious of sycophants. Jakhar advised Rahul to learn to distinguish between his friends and enemies. He is damaging himself and the party by not doing so. If this persists, the party's name will be removed.

Jakhar targets Ambika Soni

Ambika Soni's suggestion that "the Chief Minister of Punjab should be a Hindu" was mocked by Jakhar. Last year, Soni destabilised the Punjab government, and it was suggested that the chief minister of Punjab should be a Sikh. By doing so, he effectively ended Jakhar's chances of becoming CM. 

"The thing to be seen is who has issued the notice," he remarked, referring to Tariq Anwar, who issued the notification. This is the same gentleman who left the party and joined the NCP because  he demanded that a woman of foreign origin." He was not elected Prime Minister of the country. Broke my heart."

Channi was told responsible for the defeat

On April 26, the AICC's disciplinary body suspended former Punjab Congress chief Jakhar from the party for two years. In fact, after the Congress was defeated in Punjab by the Aam Aadmi Party, he chastised former Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and held him responsible for the party (AAP).

He also criticized the party leadership for nominating Channi as the chief ministerial candidate in the election, and criticized Ambika Soni for downplaying the chances of Amarinder Singh's replacement as chief minister.

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