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After reaching his wife's office, the teacher set her on fire, both died; this was the reason on the other hand Education minister's daughter-in-law hanged herself, steps taken in family dispute

Vyara: In the Gujarati town of Valod, in the Tapi region, two individuals were burnt to death due to fire. According to authorities, a 30-ye...

Vyara: In the Gujarati town of Valod, in the Tapi region, two individuals were burnt to death due to fire. According to authorities, a 30-year-old school teacher burned himself and his wife on fire inside the taluka panchayat office in Valod town on Tuesday, killing them both. According to Sub-inspector Nitin Panchal, Amit Patel, a government school teacher, and his wife Mayuri used to fight frequently.

Husband suspected wife's extramarital affair

Mayuri worked as a computer operator at the taluka panchayat office's MNREGA branch. On Tuesday morning, Amit poured kerosene on himself in the Walod panchayat premises and ran towards his wife's cabin on the first floor and hugged her. Then lit the fire with the lighter. 

Mayuri tried to escape, but they both died on the spot. Patel had suspicions that his wife was having an extramarital affair.Mayuri had called the helpline number 181 to resolve her matrimonial estrangement in the past.

Education minister's daughter-in-law hanged, steps taken in family dispute

Bhopal. On Tuesday, the daughter-in-law of Madhya Pradesh Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar killed herself. Savita Parmar, the minister's 22-year-old daughter-in-law, took her own life at her village home. The reason for this is a family dispute. Following the incident, there was silence in the village. No one dares to speak up because it is such a high-profile case.

On Tuesday night, school education minister Inder Singh Parmar received bad news from Ponchaner village, Kalapipal tehsil, Madhya Pradesh. Devraj Parmar, the son of Parmar, married Savita three years ago. In Parmar's family, there had been a long-running family feud. Savita Parmar, 22, took her own life by hanging herself in her home as a result of this.

The incident was confirmed by the dead Savita Parmar's relatives. Following the event, Ponchaner village is deafeningly quiet. The body will be sent for a post-mortem in the morning. So far, no suicide note of any type has been discovered.

Nobody is ready to talk

Officers from the village to the police are refusing to comment about the situation of Shujalpur MLA and State Education Minister Inder Singh Parmar's house. The police force is currently stationed at the minister's residence. In the morning, the body would be taken for a post-mortem examination. The pastor and relatives of his daughter-in-family law's have also arrived.

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